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Whisper928's gameplay for Freelancer (PC)

Whisper928 played Freelancer

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Whisper928 said...
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Antares Mod - http://vanguardfreelancer.org/
Shattered Worlds: War Torn Mod - http://www.freelancer-shatteredworlds.com/

As long as decent mods are created this game will remain.

Freelancer (PC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Space Combat Simulation
Release Date: 05/MAR/03
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This is still my all time favorite. Due to its free to play nature I don't feel obligated to play daily.
Yes, MODS are the only way this game is going to survive. For me, the best mod is Tekagi's Treasure - http://www.tekagis.com/ . I've been playing there for months now, and even started a clan called Liberty Security Force (We have a GamerDNA page), I recommend it to everyone. As for the original Freelancer, it's absolutely awesome. Great storyline with amazing graphics for it's time and even today, it really pulls you into the great Nomad war, the Order, and everything in between. If you don;t have this game... you don't know the true meaning of a space-sim.
Too right!!!
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